Calm Pregnancy & Birth

Calm Pregnancy & Birth

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping pregnant parents to be in a useful mind set for birth.

If we approach birth feeling calm, positive, in control and prepared, we will produce all the right chemicals for labour. In this way we are less likely to need interventions. However, if we do decide to have interventions, we will make this decision as an informed choice with intellect, rather than panicking.

Pain also feels more acute if we feel anxious, exhausted or frightened, hypnotherapy can help avoid that fear and anxiety, it can also help you sleep better

During our sessions you will learn:

  • about the brain and how to keep anxiety low.
  • the role of positivity and the chemical response
  • about the physiology & neurology of pain
  • self hypnosis to practise at home
  • how your birth partner can support you

I will also give you a recording to listen to at home and practice hypnosis every session, so you feel confident about using it during birth.

It is all positive, relaxing and empowering. Please get in touch if you want to book a session or would like more information.

Sessions can safely begin at any stage of pregnancy.

You may wish to do a session monthly or 3-4 sessions during pregnancy – perhaps increasing it a little nearer your due date you have the choice to choose how you feel.

pregnancy hypnotherap


What is hypnosis and is it safe?

If you imagine the state of daydream, like when we are travelling or reading a book or watching television, we experience a ‘relaxed’ feeling where the mind is free to wander. This is the same as trance. Hypnotherapy takes you into that feeling by talking you through a story to allow the mind to daydream and organise the plans we have put in place. This allows our subconscious time to ‘make sense’ of our thoughts and plans and put them in order. Trance is a very natural and safe state.

What can I expect during an Initial Consultation for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session?

The initial consultation is the perfect way for you and your therapist to get to know each other and to discuss the reasons why you’re seeking support, this includes your goals and hopes for moving forward in your life.

Take this opportunity to ask any questions about the process, so that you can feel comfortable and informed about what will happen and how it will help.  There is no trance during the initial consultation.

What can I expect during a typical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session?

During a typical session, your Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner will start off by asking you about your week (or during the time since your last session). This will focus on the positive things that have been going on and whether you have noticed or made any changes in your life and how you can continue to move forward with your goals. Following this, your Hypnotherapist will discuss aspects about how the brain works and how it relates to your experiences.        

You will then sit or lay quietly relaxed (usually in a chair or on a couch), whilst your hypnotherapist speaks and guides you gently into a relaxed state, where you can enjoy resting in a day-dream-like trance state, where your mind can focus on and further absorb and reflect on the things that will have been discussed during the session.

How is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy different to other types of hypnotherapy?

Unlike other forms of Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines talking therapy and an understanding of how the brain works, in combination with using trance. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is also different, as it doesn’t delve into a person’s past, as this is not deemed necessary in helping us formulate plans and best hopes for our future.