New Year Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve … after 2 years of difficulties with Covid lockdowns and isolation, this year many are looking to make changes. I have been thinking of my own ‘resolutions’ for 2023 – what can I do? what do I really want? what will make me happy? is there really any point? am I doomed to fail ‘as usual’?  We optimistically look forward with hope, of a better year ahead but was the last one so bad? do we even remember the good times? or do the bad just seem easier to remember.

Onto YOUR new year resolutions …. lose weight, change job, new relationship, improved relationships, more money, more holidays etc. It’s the one time of year you consider your needs and desires, you feel motivated, really motivated to change. Motivation meaning the feeling of being driven to achieve and on the eve of a new year, when is a better time. So first things first do you become motivated?

The simple answer is you must have an END GOAL, a goal to aim for, a goal giving you a strong desire to succeed, and most importantly, an achievable goal. Ask yourself – how will this goal benefit me, make my life easier and make me happier? Why and how will it make me happier? Why am I not happy with out it? is it an achievable goal? Now recap….have you still resulted in the same end goal? …..then lets PLAN.

What is the first step? Let’s omit the words I won’t, I need to, I can’t, I shouldn’t, etc and replace those with I CAN, I WILL. Now consider

  • How will I begin
  • What tools do I need to begin
  • When will I begin

Now you have a plan in place, let’s do this. One step at a time. Keep reviewing and updating and re-evaluating. But, what if I fail? There is really no such thing, if it doesn’t work out as planned, it gives you another opportunity to examine why, change it, and continue towards your end goal. Look at what HAS worked too, don’t assume the whole thing went wrong, look at the parts that did go right, and add to them.

In solution focussed hypnotherapy, we look at just that. Not just on New Year’s Eve, but anytime of the year. Our end goals may differ from each other, but they all result in the same thing, we feel happier and more confident. This is the solution focused way. So if you don’t know where to start, I can help you discover what you need. This may be overcoming something, like phobia, anxiety, trauma etc. It can be self-belief – or lack of it, or how to overcome stress, lose weight, quit habits etc.

Hypnotherapy helps by relaxing your mind and teaching you how the brain works. From this, you can better understand why you feel like you do, how to change it, therefore you are more able to cope and make better and rational choices.  Using psychotherapy and trance (a lovely, relaxed feeling), you will discover your plan and how to take the next step to fulfilling your long-term goals.

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Sharon Mortimer HPD DSFH MNCH (Reg.) MaSFH MCNHC GHR Reg. GQHP

Clinical Hypnotherapist