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Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
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by Jade on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Just when I’d given up .... along came Sharon

I had suffered for years with anxiety & a phobia the two working hand in hand were having a serious effect on my way of living. It was controlling the most everyday situations without me even realising. I started with Sharon in January 2020 and immediately I knew this was going to be the therapy for me, we managed zoom sessions all the way through lockdown and these were fully effective just in the same way face to face was. Not only was there the Hypnotherapy side but Sharon’s kind nature and soothing voice put any worries to one side during every session. I’m nearing the end of my time with Sharon with just a few ‘check in’ sessions scheduled and I cannot thank her enough or shout from the rooftops how much she has changed the way I handle/tackle those tricky situations - as everyday situations will happen, it’s the way the brain reacts. My journey with Sharon wasn’t a smooth one for myself, as I had many large obstacles thrown in my way but separating my journey & applying them in my life would of been 100% different without Sharon’s Hypnotherapy.
Some things were made by small changes and some bigger than others but every step along my journey I felt like everything had a purpose. Sharon has taught me ways to deal with things and I always have my recording for relaxation and reassurance that I CAN. If I ever feel like I need a session with Sharon I feel fully assured that she is only a message away 🖤. I couldn’t recommend enough, Sharon, and the work she does, words don’t do it justice, she’s changed my life for the better and I’ll be forever grateful for this, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Sharon again if I felt I needed to. All the best Sharon you have a shining future ahead of you.
Jade xxxx

Thank you - but you too, have inspired me so much - the courage and determination you have shown has been truly breath taking and i am so happy to have witnessed your transformation first hand. Yes...i am always here but i know you have the tools you need now, to move on and be the best 'you' that you can be.

by Charlotte on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Definitely recommend - you won't regret signing up

I have just completed a 6 week weight management hypnotherapy course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has struggled with their weight and wants to try a different approach. I wasn't sure what to expect and was sceptical about the idea of hypnotherapy in case it didn't work like you see people on TV being hypnotised. But Sharon explained the concept so well in the first session that I knew what to expect then - this isn't about being put under some sort of spell and not being interested in food any more! It is really informative about the reasons why you might struggle with focusing on a healthy lifestyle and it gives you loads of information that you can take away and apply to your life to make small changes that all add up. This course came at just the right time for me having struggled on you yo diets for over 20 years. I had already started to improve some of my lifestyle choices during lockdown anyway - but this really helped take me to the next level. I am now at the lowest weight I have been for 11 years and I see no reason why I can't continue losing weight. I have continued with a weekly 'session' on my own to recap on all the things Sharon taught me and am making time for me. I think she is running another one in January and I fully intend to sign up to that one too as it was a really enjoyable experience. Really affordable, really welcoming and really really effective! Thank you Sharon.

that's fantastic thank you so much for your honesty. I have every confidence you can continue that wonderful journey, not only focussing on weight but on being confident and happy as you are and changing what your not happy with...small steps at a time. WELL DONE

by Joanne on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

I’ve recently completed the 6 week online hypnotherapy for weight management programme. I know what I need to do to lose weight in terms of eating and exercise, but getting my mind in the right place is the issue for me. This course has given me a clearer understanding of the brain processes that lead me to “comfort eat” and the part that stress, hormones and sleep have to play. The relaxation/hypnotherapy at the end of each week’s lesson felt like a treat and I’m finding it easier to make more sensible food choices and resist temptation. Sharon is warm and approachable and I would highly recommend trying this if you’re struggling to get your mind the right place to lose weight.

That's great to hear thank you, it certainly isn't just about what to eat and exercise is it, when we battle with 'dieting' for years.

by TJ on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
6wk weight management course

5 🌟 Highly Recommend. I recently finished a 6wk weight management course with Sharon. You will not be a stone lighter after this course, however you will have the tools to reset your mindset to help you make healthier choices on your journey to losing a stone. Sharon’s presentations & meditations help your understanding of why we do what we do in our relationship with food. I’m making better choices & doing things myself that make me feel better both mentally & physically. Thank you Sharon

Great to work with you, the whole course is about mindset. Once we are ready mentally, we can then begin our journey with full knowledge.

by Karen on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Weight management course

I have just finished my 6 week weight management course. It was very interesting and gives you more understanding of why we do certain things. Sharon is excellent and explains things really well. I would recommend this course. Thank you

thank you for joining us and your comments, I am happy to hear you found it beneficial.

by Lynne Johnson on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Weight Management Course

I have just completed 6 weeks of weight management with Believe & Achieve. Really good sessions addressing the route causes of why we gain weight and how to change our mind set. Don't be scared by the term Hypnotherapy it's all about relaxation and dealing with your own stress. Sharon does the most fantastic relaxation time at the end of each session. Highly recommended A*****

Thank you for your feedback, so pleased to hear you enjoyed it and learned some skills from it.

by Carol on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Exceeded expectations!

Just completed a six week virtual weight loss programme course.

It was a great course which really helped me focus on my weight plan and the best bit for me was the hypnotherapy session at the end which was so relaxing!

glad you found it beneficial and yes i agree, the relaxation sessions are wonderfully relaxing

by Janet Kitching on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
That lightbulb moment! - online weight management

I have just finished an online 6 week Weight Management group with Sharon. It was fascinating to learn how our brain works and how our hormones influence our eating habits and the way we see ourselves and our relationship with what we eat!
Having been to the well known slimming groups and having weighed everything, counted calories and points and sins and done all the fad diets and bought capsules and still yo-yoed and felt fat and frumpy I thought I would try hypnotherapy.
It really does change the way you think about yourself and explains how and why we do what we do. It’s a “whole person “ therapy with a wonderful, relaxing time at the end of each session.
There’s no weighing or telling you what to eat or any feelings of guilt or humiliation- in fact even though it was in a group setting online, we never saw each other and only communicated by typing a message if we wanted to!
During the sessions I began to realise what kind of eater I was (my lightbulb moment!) and I feel able to take control of myself and recognise my triggers. It’s liberating!!
After these sessions, which have encouraged me to make small but significant changes to my lifestyle, I was able to put on and fasten, without a mammoth struggle, a pair of jeans that have been stuck in my wardrobe for 2 years because they became too tight!!
I would recommend the Weight Management sessions to anyone who wants to take control of their lifestyle and to feel better about themselves.
Thank you Sharon

That's fantastic, its fascinating isn't it. We know what we do and where we go wrong - but what we don't often understand is why. Once you know the reason why - you can begin to take control back. Well done.

by K on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK

I started Hypnotherapy sessions in February for my confidence and anxiety issues. Sharon has been amazing! Even through lockdown she has continued to support me and as a result i feel more confident and less anxious in my day to day life... it really has worked for me. Sharon is an excellent practitioner, she explains things simply and is very knowledgeable about what she does. She has given me countless tools to support me on my journey ... she has helped me so much ❤ I highly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone!

Thank you so much, its been a privilege sharing your amazing journey and transformation

by Julie Halliday on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Yoga pamper session

Absolutely love these session , not one for doing facials , but i have enjoyed trying them thank you Sharon x looking forward to getting back to normal classes missing them x

Thanks Julie, I linked up with Sarah a beauty therapist, to do a yoga pamper evening and facial and they have been a great success. So pleased you enjoyed them.

by Sophia Malik on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Yoga/ Meditation sessions

I have been attending Sharon’s amazing yoga classes at Nuffield Gym (Shipley) for more than two years. Therefore, I can truly say that these classes are worth attending . Over this span of time my flexibility has improved considerably and now I can do poses which I only used to dream about doing before . Her classes are fun, challenging and not monotonous at all. I look forward to each session knowing that we will be doing a different flow or attempting to do a new pose. Since lockdown I’ve been continuously attending her online sessions and dread missing even one class.
At first I wasn’t really into meditating but after attending a couple of Sharon’s sessions I have realised how beneficial it is. I would definitely recommend the meditation sessions as I feel super relaxed, happy and stress free afterwards. I’m so glad that I’m a part of our Believe and Achieve family👍

How wonderful Sophia, the relaxation has been really beneficial to many recently. Your improvement in yoga has been nothing short of amazing.

by Tracey on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK

I started yoga back in February with Sharon at Nuffield and had just started to learn some of the moves then Lockdown happened but thankfully Sharon continued our classes over zoom and I feel I have learnt so much and my fitness and mobility has improved a lot. I can’t thank Sharon enough for keeping us going and motivated . Fab instructor and explains everything so clearly.
Thankyou Sharon x

Tracey, its been such a weird time for many hasn't it and this has helped our yoga family stay together to practice. You've all come a long way online. Great work Tracey-great to have you in class

by Natalie on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK

I have been doing online yoga with Sharon during lockdown. I really enjoy the sessions because they cater for all abilities and the way the moves are described makes them even easier to try out and follow. I always sleep so well after I’ve done yoga and I look forward to my next class. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging and Sharon has created a welcoming community. Thank you Sharon.

So glad you joined our group Natalie, amazing work.

by richard on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Welcoming happy yoga

I was quite new to yoga and was looking for an exercise that I could do safely after recovering from illness.
Sharon is a Fantastic yoga instructor, but much more than that, she is warm and welcoming and helps everyone be relaxed and at ease. You go at your own pace and no one is ever left out or not encouraged
I have never enjoyed exercise and Sharon has helped turn that around.
Thanks Sharon x

Wonderful Richard, I remember your first class well, all that time ago and your doing so well, keep up the great work.

by Keith Nicholls on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Yoga at home (private lesson)

We have been going to Sharon's yoga at the gym until the lockdown and have missed it until recently when Sharon started giving us private lessons at home (in the garden). It has been a wonderful way to enjoy our yoga with an exceptional instructor. If you are missing your classes I would recommend this as a perfect way to get back into the swing. Definitely better than doing it on zoom!

Its such an ideal yoga setting too in your lovely garden, I thoroughly enjoy our practice together

by Peter ingham on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK

I have been attending Sharon yoga classes for about two years now, as a person and a teacher she’s amazing, patient, caring and understanding of the limits we have individually, my back and body have improved since I have been to her yoga’s classes. Sharon is very good yoga teacher and top lady, I would recommend Sharon to help people to improve their health, mind, body and soul, wonderful person.

That's so kind thank you Peter. Your always a joy to have in class and you underestimate how much you have improved. Namaste

by Natalie Lofthouse on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Highly Recommended

We wanted to try a new activity to do together and saw an advert on Facebook for Believe & Achieve yoga which was very local at a day/time that fitted in with our schedule. Straightaway we felt welcomed to the group by Sharon and the other participants. We quickly realised that Sharon was a very experienced and professional instructor who was able to really clearly articulate each pose and the benefits and also offer alternatives for each level and taking into account any injuries that anyone might have making the classes very inclusive. Each session is varied and fun. I also had a few intermittent niggles in my hip and right arm which seem to have disappeared since starting yoga. When the classes went online as a result of lockdown we wondered how they might work and apart from a couple of technical glitches with headsets that were quickly worked out they have been really effective way to continue practising. Overall if you are interested in starting yoga or a new class then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Believe and Achieve. It’s a lovely little yoga family!

thank you so much Natalie, and yes, our yoga family is amazing. I remember walking into my first ever yoga class wondering what it was all about and feeling nervous. its important that people are made to feel comfortable so that's great to hear

by Paula Slater on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Yoga sessions

I can honestly say that Sharon is amazing. Since she has moved to online sessions nothing has changed about her. She is such a calming influence on my life and the sessions have really helped my anxiety. Her sessions are always varied and she adapts them for different abilities and fully explains each move. I can definitely tell how much more flexible I've become. She is always there for you with support, guidance and innovative sessions such as the upcoming pamper and relaxation. Thanks Sharon.

wonderful Paula, its always a joy to have you in class

by Cath Seal on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK
Yoga for everyone with fun

I really enjoy Sharon’s yoga classes. They can be tailored to your own ability and level. There’s lots of fun, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The free relaxation sessions offered at the end of many of the classes has really helped me during lockdown. The classes are very carefully planned and are never the same. Thank you for helping us by continuing your classes online - this has helped to keep me sane. I hope you continue to offer online alternatives for people in the future.

thank you so much Cath, I am certainly looking into it

by Kim Bridges on Believe & Achieve, Bradford, Leeds, UK

Sharon and I used to attend yoga classes together and it has been lovely to watch her transition from a skilled student to an excellent teacher.

I have been attending her online classes since lockdown began, and I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to them. Each week is different which is important for me as I need variety in order to maintain my interest. Sharon caters for all levels of expertise by giving a basic pose and then explaining how one can take it to the next level and beyond, if desired.

I have also taken part in her deep relaxation sessions which are wonderful, and allow me to reach a state of relaxation I have not experienced before.

thank you so Kim for your kind words, its lovely to have you join us

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